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The Great St. Tola's Bake Off

Our Creative February 

By Sam and Julie

Today St.Tolas had our Creative Bake-off with this year's theme being under the sea! We also have our art competition under way with the winners being announced next week. The winners of the art competition will go into an exhibition in the library during Creative School's week.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the baking competition with 57 entries! That's more than a quarter of the school!

Back in January our creative schools committee were discussing plans for creative February. The committee was thinking of a nature theme. We listed different themes as a committee, they decided to do a group vote and the under the sea theme came on top! The two competitions we decided to run for the day would be a bake-off and an art competition.

After days of excitement today was the day for judging. With huge entries in the baking competition the judges said “ Anyone could of won the categories.” The art competition was run class by class as each pupil did an under the sea theme.

Great job to everyone who participated and now we are just around the corner for creative schools week! Winners for the Art will be announced next week, along with prizes for the winning bakes.

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