Our Staff

Passionate Educators

St. Tola's N.S. is proud to have a staff of teachers that are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives through tireless dedication to education. Get to know each of our team members below.

Junior Infants - Ms. Katie Somers - msksomers@sttolas.com 

Senior Infants - Ms. Aoife Doherty - msadoherty@sttolas.com 

Senior Infants - Ms. Jennifer King - msjking@sttolas.com

First Class - Ms. Aoife Carley - msacarley@sttolas.com

Second Class - Ms. Niamh Varley - msnvarley@sttolas.com

Third Class - Ms. Heather Flynn - mshflynn@sttolas.com

Fourth Class - Ms. Emma Nestor - msenestor@sttolas.com

Fifth Class - Mr. Joe Doherty - mrjdoherty@sttolas.com

Sixth Class - Ms. Laura Kelleghan - mslkelleghan@sttolas.com


Junior Gladioli - Ms. Sinéad Wilkinson - msswilkinson@sttolas.com

Senior Gladioli - Mr. Kieran Stenson - mrkstenson@sttolas.com

SETs - Ms. Alison Hyndman - msahyndman@sttolas.com

         - Ms. Emily Williams - msewilliams@sttolas.com

         - Ms. Dervilla Armstrong - msdarmstrong@sttolas.com / Ms. Faye Dunne - msfdunne@sttolas.com


SNAs - Mrs. Bernie O' Reilly, Ms. Tara Horan, Mrs. Geraldine Fallon, Mrs. Olga Mulligan, Mrs. Geraldine Leonard & Ms. Jacinta Connor

Principal - Ms. Eileen Smyth - principal@sttolas.com/ office@sttolas.com

Secretary - Mrs. Philomena Temple - office@sttolas.com

Caretaker - Mr. Barry Kelleghan 

Cleaners - Mrs. Aggie McGrath & Ms. Angela Murtagh 

Bus Escort - Mrs. Geraldine Leonard