Return to Remote Learning

As of the 11th of January, St. Tola's will return to a remote learning approach to facilitate it's pupils education. To facilitate the remote learning for all the following two things will need to happen:

  1. Return of school books.

  2. Families need to familiarize themselves with the St. Tola's N.S. Remote Learning Policy which is in the documents section of the school website: or at the following 


Return of School Books: 

To facilitate the safe return of the school books, the following timetable for pickups has been arranged. This will take place on Tuesday 12th January. Please arrive during the allotted time and collect the books from either of the two collection points (Gym doors facing the car park). Please bring something large enough to carry all the materials in and a member of staff will organize the relevant books etc. If the time slots are not suitable, please contact me via email and identify an alternative time slot for pick up. We ask respectfully that you wear a mask and adhere to social distance guidelines. 


Families with surnames: 

A-D: 9.00AM -10.20AM

E-K: 10.30AM - 11.50AM

L-N: 12.00PM - 1.20PM

M-W: 1.30PM - 2.50PM

Remote Learning Tools 

As per the remote learning policy, the main tools used to communicate and deliver lessons with pupils and parents will be SeeSaw, Book Creator and Aladdin. Class teachers will be in touch with all parents over the coming days to touch base and elaborate on the systems they are putting in place for their class.